Coach D.C. Moons

Head Coach D.C. Moons began fencing in 1970, studying both foil and epee under the instruction of Ivan Stewart, 1970 Michigan Epee Champion. Coach Moons also took lessons in sabre from fabled NCAA coach Maestro Istvan Danosi, whose international success as a fencer and coach is legendary. D.C. continues to advance his knowledge and skill, with epee lessons from Maestro Gil Pezza and in coaching seminars with Maitre d’ Armes Mark Masters.

Head Coach D.C. Moons also founded the fencing club at Oakland University in 1981, and returned to the club 20 years after graduating to become the head coach for ten years.

He then founded Honor Guards Fencing Club in 2008 and has coached HGFC fencers to the U.S. National Championships in their respective age groups.

Coach Kendal Novak

Coach Kendal

Assistant saber coach, Kendal Novak, began fencing in 2011 as part of The Fencing Society at Oakland University (FSOU), where she fenced competitively in saber for six years while completing her undergrad and master’s degrees. Kendal fenced under the instruction of D.C. Moons while at OU.

While at OU, she was the captain of the women’s saber team and became the most decorated fencer in OU’s history, winning more bouts than any fencer before her. She placed 3rd at the 2013 Wayne State Istvan Danosi Memorial tournament, 15th at the 2014 Midwest Fencing Conference Championships, and received an NCAA Honorable Mention in 2015.

Kendal coached saber for two years at Oakland University post-graduation and has coached saber at Honor Guards Fencing since 2017. She is passionate about saber, believes fencing is for everyone, and enjoys helping students achieve their full potential!

Coach Kyle Eickholdt

Coach Kyle started fencing when he was in middle school while being in love with medieval knights. He was fortunate enough to have a connection who overheard him talking about his interests and knew exactly where he could find them.

Coach Kyle has over a decade of fencing experience under the tutelage of D.C. Moons. As all new fencers, he started out as a foil fencer but quickly fell in love with epee. He has specialized in epee ever since. An experienced tournament fencer, he has achieved an E rating in epee.

Coach Kyle also works as a teacher in Rochester Community Schools. He graduated from Central Michigan University in 2021 with a degree in Secondary History and Social Studies.

“I feel fortunate that I get to work with so many different minds, especially when it comes to fencing. I fully believe this is a great community where friends can be made left and right, even if you fence different blades.”

Coach Kalin Benson

Coach Benson

Coach Benson has been fencing for five years, in both foil and epee, and earned a silver medal in her first tournament.

She currently serves as both the Basic Skills Coach for all the beginning fencers, and she is the club Equipment Manager, making sure that everything is prepared and working properly for every practice.

She plans to keep coaching and competing in fencing while she pursues her advanced scholastic studies.